Department of Radiation Oncology
Started in 1998
Name Qualification Designation
arrow Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Pandey
DMRT-I, MD Professor
arrow Dr. Kislay Dimri
DNB, MD Associate Professor
Dr. Nidhi Gupta MD, DNB Assistant Professor
02 Medical Physicist, 03 Sr.Residents, 04 Jr. Residents & 04 RT Technicians
The Department of Radiation Oncology of GMCH, Chandigarh was stated in year 1998 with the appointment of a single Doctor. Since that time, Department has made regular progress with regular increase in number of cancer patients, addition of different equipments, appointments of new Consultants and other staff members.

The Economic Costs of 'Lost Life Years' due to cancer exceed that of any other disease. So services are provided to each and every needy patients coming to the Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh at any time. Number of cancer patients is increasing to 4 to 5 times in each and every field of cancer treatments. For better treatment, more sophisticated equipments are the need of the hour and we are behind that.

I. The Radiotherapy services are organized into the following functional areas:

1) RT OPD Services: Daily basis from 9AM to 2PM and in Summer Vacation from 8 AM to 2 PM, at Level II, B-Block (Room No. B - 2404).

2) RT Ward: in A-Block at Level-IV, Area No. 41.

3) Day Care Ward: Services at Level II, B-Block from 8AM to 6PM (Room No. B - 2418).

4) Radiotherapy Treatment Unit: having two machines One Cobalt Unit & One HDR- Brachytherapy, Situated at Level-I, D-Block from 8AM to 8PM.

5) Plaque Brachytherapy is available for eye tumors.

6) Daily “Pain and Palliative Care” to all needy patients in RT OPD (Room No. B - 2404).

7) “Dietetic Advice” and “Psychotherapy” to almost every Cancer Patient in OPD Block (Room No. B - 2409).

8) “Home Care Service” to the Patients, who cannot come to Hospital.

9) Availability of oral morphine for needy patients in RT OPD (Room No. B - 2404).


1. “Postgraduate Course in Radiation Oncology” along with “Regular Seminars” at GMCH, Chandigarh in year 2018.

2. Started separate “Registration Counter only for Radiation Oncology Department” facilities provided by the Hospital in year 2018.

3. Started the “Plaque brachytherapy,” in association with Ophthalmic Department of GMCH, Chandigarh in year 2017.

4. “Expanded the facilities at RT Ward, DAY CARE WARD & OPD of Radiation Oncology” in year 2017.

5. “Established the facilities for Office of the Radiation Oncology, for Seminar Room, for Department Library, Rooms for Consultants and their other requirements” in year 2014.

6. Minor OT in the Dept. for Brachytherapy of Cancer patients in year 2017.

7. Advice for Diet and for Psychology from Dietician and Psychologist for Cancer Patients in year 2014.

8. “Home Care Service for Terminally III Cancer Patients” at Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh in year 2012, not working now.

9. “Brachytherapy in Dept. of Radiation”, Government Medical College & Hospital (GMCH), in year 2011.

10. “Treatment Planning System (TPS) & related Facilities” at GMCH in year 2008.

11. “Day Care Ward” in Dept. of Radiation Oncology, GMCH, Chandigarh in 2008 for Chemotherapy of cancer patients.

12. Daily “Pain and Palliative Care in OPD” along with tab Morphine 10mg and tab Morphine 30mg SR in Department of Radiation Oncology, GMCH, Chandigarh year 2008.

13. “Expanded the department with creation of One Regular Post of Professor, Two posts of Medical Physicists, One Post of Stenographer, One Post of Clerk, two posts of Radiotherapy Technicians and other staff members as required”.

14. Improved the care of cancer patients in the form of “Palliative Care, Diet Advise, Exercise for Cancer Patients, “Way of living life for Cancer Patients” and Holistic management on joining GMCH, Chandigarh after joining in year 2007.
Sr No. Training and Courses
The Department started PG training in year 2018 in the form of MD (Radiotherapy).
Going to start BSc in Radiotherapy Technicians.  

Sr No. Training and Courses
1. Project on “Protective effect of Telmisartan on cardiac dysfunction in patients with Breast Cancer on Anthracycline (doxorubicin) based adjuvant chemotherapy (PETCAAC Trial)”is accepted by ICMR, New Delhi in year 2019 as a Principal Investigator (Pl).
2. “Hospital Based Cancer Registry Data Management (HBCRDM)” started from Sept. 2017 with the help of ICMR, Bengaluru, as a Principal Investigator (Pl).  
3. “Descriptive study to assess cancer burden, Level of delays in cancer management and Socio-economic impact of cancer on the Family”, started from Feb, 2017 with support of ICMR, New Delhi as a Principal Investigator (Pl).  
4. Cancer Registry for Atlas on Cancer in Haryana with support of ICMR, Bengaluru – as a Principal Investigator (Pl).
5. “Screening for Breast in Women of the age 40-49 yrs. Of age” started by Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in year 2013 and completed in 2015 – Co – Investigator (CI).
6. Cancer Registry for Ätlas on Cancer in Punjab” with the support of ICMR, Bengaluru –as a Principal Investigator (PI).
7. Started project on “Complementary and alternative Medicines use in Cancer Patients” along with the Dept. of Community Medicine on 1st June, 2012 for two years – as a Co-investigator (CI).
8. Started project on “Role of VEGF & CA 15.3 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer” at Department of Radiation and Oncology, GMCH, Chandigarh in 2010 in collaboration with Punjabi University-as a Co-investigator (CI).
9. Project on “Hospital Based Cancer Registry” at GMCH, Chandigarh in 2009 – as a Principal Investigator (PI).
10. Collaborative study with Goa University on “Chromosomal Study in CA Breast Patients” at Goa Medical College, Goa in 2004, Co-investigator (CI).