Depart. of Radiodiagnosis
Started in 1994
Name Qualification Designation
arrow Dr. Ravinder Kaur
MD Professor & Head
arrow Dr. Purnima Aggarwal
MD Professor
arrow Dr. Narinder Kaur
MD Associate Professor
arrow Dr. Rekha Gupta
MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Harkirat Kaur MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Raveena Bedi MD Assistant Professor
06 Senior Residents
The department has sophisticated state of art equipment, which includes:
  » 5 high output X-ray machines out of which 2 X-Ray Machines with flouroscopy and image intensifier & TV monitor.
  » 4 ultrasound machines, including portable ultrasound machine for bedside ultrasound. This has provision for intra-operative Ultrasound also. A ‘state of Art Colour Doppler Ultrasound machine helps in effectively assessing blood flow in various blood vessels of the body, non-invasively.
  » 3 mobile (portable) X-ray units for bedside radiography.
  » One C-arm X-ray unit for interventional procedures.
  » Mammography machine for screening and diagnostic mammography.
  » The department has dual slice spiral CT scanner.
  » There are plans to procure digitized equipment in the future, for digital radiotherapy & imaging.
  » The department provides round the clock services of routine Radiography, diagnostic and interventional ultrasounds, mammography and special investigations both for routine and emergency patients.
  » Till date X-rays of more than 3.9 lakh patients have been done and diagnostic ultrasound of more than 78,000 patients have been done, in addition to Interventional procedures and special investigations.
  » There has been a 6.5 fold increase in the number of routine X-rays and 7 fold increase in the number of diagnostic and interventional ultrasounds done since the department started functioning.

The Department provides round the clock services for both routine and emergency patients.
The services provided are :-
1. Routine radiography for various parts of the body.
2. Diagnostic ultrasounds of different parts of the body.
3. Ultrasound guided and flouroscopy guided interventional procedures-like Aspiration and drainage of abscesses and fluid collections in different parts of the body per-cutaneous nephrostomy (PCN), per-cutaneous biliary dramage (PTBD), fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) etc.
4. Colour Doppler ultrasounds-which enable us to effectively assess the Blood flow in vessels of different parts of the body, non-invasively, e.g. Carotid vessels, limb vessels, abdominal vessels etc.
5. Special investigations-like Barium studies, ERCP, Micturating Cystourethrography, Hytero-salpingograms, Intravenous pyelograms (IVP).
6. Mammography-Both for diagnostic and screening purposes.
7. CT scanning of different parts of the body.
8. B.Sc. course in Radiodiagnosis has been started.

The department will soon be procuring a digitized equipment in the future, for digital radiography and imaging.


Total No. of patients for routine X-Rays Total major & minor procedures Ultrasound diagnostic Interventions (mainly US guided)

Mammo graphies

CT Scan






















1999-2000 43285 830 10547 186 144  
2000 - 2001 46978 1128 12005 212 131  
2001-2002 46427 1090 9181 261 153  
2002-2003 53,183 1,042 12,030 340 190  
2003-2004 55,951 1039 10011 328 187  
2004 April to 7th October 32,248 363 5025 65 75 3090








Hence X-Rays of more than 3.9 lakh patients have been done since 1995 till date.
More than 78,000 diagnostic ultrasounds have been done till date, in addition to interventional procedures and minor & major procedures.
There has been a steady and significant increase in the number of patients being provided Radiology services by the department of Radio-diagnosis.
Hence there has been a 6.5 fold increase in the no. of X-Rays done, a 7 fold increase in the no. of ultrasound done and 9.5 time increase in the no. of interventions done, compared to those done in 1995-96     

The department has been actively involved in teaching, Research work and Academic activities. Till 2003-2004, the medical faculty has attended 55 conferences (International-7, National-48), have read 28 papers at National and International conferences (International-10, National-15), published 32 papers in reputed National and International journals (International-18, National-10), chaired sessions in National and International conferences and have delivered talks on Radiology related topics at various CME’s and conferences. 2 of its faculty members have been honoured with fellowships. The department successfully organised a CME on ‘Advances in Medical Technology Radiology’ in April,1998 at Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Sector-32, Chandigarh. It is also organizing the "11th National Conference of Society of Indian Radiographers(SIR)", at Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh from 8th to 10th Jan.2005