Department of ENT
Head & Neck Surgery
Started in 1994
Name Qualification Designation
arrow Dr. Surinder K Singhal
arrow Dr. Arjun Dass
MS, FAMS, DNB, DHM, FIMSA, FICS, MA(Public Admin.) Professor
arrow Dr. Nitin Gupta
MS Associate Professor
Dr. Shashikant A.Pol MS, DNB, MNAMS Assistant Professor
06 Senior Residents, 19 Non-teaching staff 
ENT office is located in Block D, Level III. All the faculty members have been provided individual offices besides the office for Sr. Residents and ministerial staff. For the academic activities, there is one air conditioned seminar room and  a library equipped with  books and journals for undergraduates and postgraduates. Area for temporal bone lab, research lab and museum is also located in this block.

ENT OPD equipped with ENT Treatment Units, head lights, nasal endoscopes, video otoscopes, microscopes besides the routine examination sets.  Temporal bone lab is also located in the OPD complex and is functional.

Speech & Hearing Rehabilitation Unit is located in the OPD complex and is  fully equipped with the diagnostic and therapeutic equipments like Pure Tone Audiometer, Impedance Audiometer, Otoacoustic Emssion Analyser and BERA. The audio-visual equipment required for speech pathology is also present in the unit. There are six sanctioned posts of Audiologist-cum-Speech Therapist in the department. Following Audiologist cum Speech Therapists are working in the department :

Mr. Ravi Kapoor
Ms.Gurvinderjit Kaur
Ms.Sandeep Kaur
Ms.Manisha K Juneja
Ms Pooja Vaish
Mr.Mukesh Kumar

  The department is also providing speech & rehabilitative services to Regional Institute for Mentally Handicapped, Sector 31, Chandigarh.
The ENT ward is located in Block C Level V (Area 51). All the patients requiring admissions/surgical procedures are admitted through OPD for further management in the ward. There are total no. of 30 beds for the patients requiring ENT services.

Operation Theatre complex is located in block C. There are total no of 14 OT rooms at level II & III . Out of 7 OTs at level III, two  are earmarked for ENT department.

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (ENT) which was started in 1994 is now fully developed unit of this institution and is providing treatment of various diseases related to the ear, nose and throat including head and neck area. Facilities include microsurgery of the ear, treatment of hearing loss, rehabilitation of the hearing-impaired, nose and sinus diseases, surgery for tumors of the head and neck, facial-plastic and reconstructive surgery, and the disorders related to vocal cords & speech.
Microsurgery of the ear is provided to restore hearing loss due to chronic otitis media (discharging ear), secretary otitis media (fluid in the middle ear), otosclerosis(fixatin of the footplate), trauma. Surgical procedures like myrigoplasty, ossiculoplasty, grommet insertion, stapedectomy, tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, canaloplasty, facial nerve decompression, temporal bone resection are performed regularly. Cosmetic ear surgery especially atresioplasty,pin plasty are also done. Cochlear implant surgery for the patient having profound sensorineural hearing loss and not benefitted with hearing aids is also performed in the department. The department is running “Otology” clinic for diseases of ear on every Wednesday from 2.00 to 4.00 PM for certain special & difficult cases
This center caters treatment for the patients suffering from cancer of the head and neck like  carcinoma of the upper  respiratory tract especially the larynx, oral cavity, oropharynx, laryngopharynx, oesophagus, salivary glands and thyroid glands. A multidisciplinary approach to these problems is adopted.   Surgical procedures performed are laryngectomy, maxillectomy, radical neck dissections, commando-operation, parotidectomy, sub-mandibular gland excision, thyroidectomy. Rehabilitation through surgical reconstruction and speech and voice therapy is also provided. The department is running Tumour clinic “on every Tuesday from 2.00 to 4.00 PM for proper planning of the patient suffering from Head & Neck Cancer..
The department is providing services for patients suffering from diseases related to nose and paranasal sinuses.  Diagnostic endoscopy as well as Sinus Surgery with endoscope is regularly done for chronic sinusitis, nasal polyposis and fungal granuloma. Septoplasty, septorhinoplasty, endonasal DCR, orbital decompression, optic nerve decompression, endoscopic hypophysectomy, endoscopic resection of benign and selected cases of malignant lesions are also performed.  The department is running Rhinology Clinic”  on every Thursday from 2.00 to 4.00 PM  to look after the interesting and difficult 
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Surgical and medical services are provided to patients having oral cavity, oropharynx, laryngopharynx and laryngeal pathologies. Surgical procedures like adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, microlaryngeal surgery, thyroplasty,  palatoplasty and sleep apnoea surgery are done regularly.
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Neurotology services include diagnosis and treatment of patients with balance disorders, facial nerve disorders. Hearing loss caused by inner ear damage and tumors of the ear and related structures are also managed in the department.
The department is equipped with a CO2 Laser machine. The Patients requiring Laser surgery, specially cases of laryngotracheal trauma are regularly operated.
Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is provided for patients with facial deformities resulting from trauma, extirpation of neoplasms and congenital malformations. Facial cosmetic surgery is available for improving the appearance of the nose, cheeks and ears.
In this centre, a multidisciplinary team performs surgery for tumors of the skull base. The utilization of innovative approaches enables the resection of otherwise difficult to approach lesions.
Evaluation and treatment services are provided for adults with speech, language, swallowing, balance, and tinnitus and hearing problems. Services offered include,  basic audiologic testing, hearing aid recommendations and fittings, speech/language assessments and therapy, dysphagia testing with therapy and augmentative alternate communication therapies for those who cannot speak.
Government Institute for Mentally Challenged children is attached with the Govt. Medical  College, Chandigarh. The audiology and speech rehabilitation services are provided alongwith ENT OPD services at the center.
Life saving procedures on tracheobronchial tree, foreign bodies removal, trauma and epistaxis are some of the services provided in emergency 24 hrs.
The most objective test to detect hearing loss as early as three months of age is done regularly in the department by the trained audiologist cum speech therapists.  
Otoacoustic emission analysis is a non-invasive and objective test to detect hearing loss even in newly born babies besides assessment of auditory system of patients in other age groups.
Hearing aid analyzer and computer based instrument helps in analyzing the functioning of hearing aid by performing electroacoustic measurements and real-ear measurement.
We have a very comprehensive schedule for training undergraduate students and residents in the field of ENT- Head and Neck surgery. The training includes theoretical teaching with main thrust on bedside clinical and surgical training. Besides, there is a healthy academic atmosphere for free discussion on clinical cases among faculty and resident staff.
 » Regular theory lectures will be taken as per the schedule received from the academic department.
  » Theory lectures are divided in three broad sections i.e. Nose & PNS, Oral Cavity, Oropharynx, Larynx and Ear. Roster for the same will be displayed at the Departmental as well as Lecture theatre notice boards. There will be a theory test at the completion of each section.
  » he marks achieved in the test will be added to the internal assessment.
 » The UGs posted in the department of ENT for clinical posting will attend and  report to the consultants in OPD on that day.
  » The students will take up the case from the Consultants/SR in OPD, work up and present the case to the concerned consultant or SR at appropriate time.
  » Students are required to be in the ward for evening class to be taken by the SR on duty. Attendance is compulsory. If a student is absent in any of the morning or evening posting he will deemed to be absent on that day.
  » Each student will write 10 case sheets after working up the admitted patients in the ward. Three cases each from nose & para nasal sinuses and throat and four cases of ear. The case file should be checked by the SR and singed. These case records carry (10) ten marks which will be added in the ward leaving score.
  » There will be a ward leaving test on the last day of the each posting. If it  happens to be holiday, it shall be held one day prior.
  » Ward leaving test will be for 40 marks consists of two clinical cases 10 marks each, instruments 10 marks and case record register 10 marks.
  » The marks of the ward leaving test will be counted for the internal assessment.
 » Prior to the final examination, send up examination will be held both for theory as well as practical.
  » The marks scored will also be added towards internal assessment.
Final examination is held as per the schedule received from the University. It includes the theory as well as practical. Candidate has to pass both in theory as well as practical separately as per the MCI guidelines. Total marks for the subject of ENT are 100 and the break up is as follow:

  » Theory paper part I - 20  
Theory paper part II - 20
  » Practical Examination- 30
  » Oral Viva                 - 10
  » Internal assessment    » Theory  -10
  » Practical  -10
There is fully equipped temporal bone lab for dissection of temporal bone for the training of the residents.  
 » To start a state of the art lab for dissection of temporal bone  and endoscopic sinus surgery for the training of residents not only  of GMCH but of the north region.
  » To start B.Sc course in Audiology & Speech Pathology.
  » To start ear mould fabrication lab.
  » To develop a dedicated center for head and neck cancer.
  » To start outreach programme for the citizen of north region.