Department of Dermatology

Started in 1993
Name Qualification Designation
arrow Dr. Gurvinder P. Thami
MD Professor & Head
arrow Dr. Mala Bhalla 
MD Professor
arrow Dr. Jasleen Kaur
MD Assistant Professor
04 Senior Resident, 02 MD Post-graduate Residents per year
 ♦ The foremost among them are the facilities for various cosmetic and other dermatologic surgical   
  ♦ The dermatosurgery clinic is the first of its kind to be established in a public sector hospital.
  ♦ PUVA, NB-UVB therapy is available for pigmentary/vitiligo, psoriasis and other skin disorders.
  ♦ Botox treatment for wrinkles.
  ♦ Dermal fillers for wrinkle treatment.
  ♦ Laser Hair Reduction.
  ♦ Lobuloplasty.
  ♦ Derma roller treatment for acne scaring.
  ♦ Tattoo removal.
  ♦ Suction blister grafting.
 ♦ Dermatology services are provided under one unit headed by Professor & Head of Dermatology including a reader and a senior lecturer.
  ♦ Each patient is assessed by a team of Junior and Senior resident and discussed with the consultant incharge of the out patient department.
  ♦ Facilities for doing side laboratory procedures are available within out patient department.
  ♦ Special investigations like skin biopsy etc are done in dermatosurgery O.T.
  ♦ Minor procedures like chemical cautery, incision and drainage, deroofing, curretage, debridement etc, are done in out patients department.
  ♦ Dermatological services are provided with round the clock resident doctors.
  ♦ Special investigation and procedures are done in Dermatology wards.
  ♦ Basic Dermatology therapy is possible with drugs available in the wards.
  ♦ Health education and skin care is given to each patient.
  ♦ Pulse therapy is instituted for patients of Pemphigus.
  ♦ Methotrexate therapy is administered to Psoriasis patients.
  ♦ Multidrug therapy for Leprosy is given under National leprosy eradication programme.
  ♦ Free lab services & drugs are given to patients with sexually transmitted diseases under National 
     STD control programme.
 ♦ Department is running following special clinics in order to provide special care to these patients.
  ♦ Pediatric Dermatology clinic.
  ♦ Leprosy clinic.
  ♦ Sexually Transmitted Diseases clinic.
  ♦ Sexually health clinic.
  ♦ Pigmentary/Vitiligo clinic.
  ♦ Urticaria & skin allergy clinic.
  ♦ Contact dermatitis clinic.
  ♦ Psoriasis clinic.
  ♦ Hair Clinic.
  ♦ Autoimmune/Vesiculobullous  Disease clinic .
  ♦ These are walkin clinics. Patients can attend these clinics on normal OPD hours.
 ♦ Cryocans with liquid nitrogen and cryojet facility.
  ♦ Diode Laser Hair reduction.
  ♦ Skin minigrafting (Punch grafting) for vitiligo.
  ♦ Tattoo gun with tattooing facility with various shades for vitiligo patients.
  ♦ Chemical peeling with tricholoroacetic acid and glycolic acid.
  ♦ Manual dermabrasion.
  ♦ Intralesional therapy for keloids and resistant inflammatory dermatosis.
  ♦ Scar revision & dermabrasion.
  ♦ Excision of moles, birthmarks, various nevi etc.
  ♦ Chemical cautery with trichloroacetic acid, phenol, nitric acid, etc
  ♦ Microdermabrasion for Skin aging and wrinkles has been procured by the department.
  ♦ Patch testing for various types of contact dermatitis.
  ♦ Electroepilation for patients of hirsutism.
  ♦ Co2 laser
  ♦ IPL system for various indications.
A good collection of latest books and journals of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology are available in the departmental libraryThe faculty members have regularly been attending various conferences and presenting research papers, and keeping abreast about the latest developments in their field.