Department of Community Medicine

Started in 1992
Name Qualification Designation
arrow Dr. Naveen Krishan Goel
MD Professor & Head
arrow Dr. M. K. Sharma
MD Associate Professor
arrow Dr. Dinesh Kumar Walia

Ph.D, D.Phill Statistician-cum-Associate Professor
arrow Dr. Sonia Puri
MD Assistant Professor 
arrow Dr. Meenal Madhukar Thakare
MD Assistant Professor 
arrow Dr. Meenu Kalia
MD Assistant Professor 
arrow Dr. Deepak Sharma
MD Assistant Professor 
arrow Dr. Ravi Rohilla
MD Assistant Professor 
Four  Demonstrators, Four Medical Officers, Two Lady Medical Officers
Comprehensive health care is being provided to the community at village sector-56, and adjoining area through Rural Health Training Centre and Urban Health Centre at Sector 44, Chandigarh. In addition, Geriatric OPD at Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh has also being run by department since Feb 2012.

A. Urban Health Training Centre-44 (UHTC)

Urban Health Training Centre is provided Comprehensive health Care to the Community and Catering to population of Sector 43, 44 & adjoining JJ Colony. Location: Urban Health Training Centre, Sector 44-B, Chandigarh, (Near The British School).

B. Rural Health Training Centre, Sector 56, Palsora (RHTC)

Rural Health Training Centre is providing Comprehensive Health Care to the Community and Catering to population of village Palsora, Sector 56, adjoining J J Colonies and as well as Mohali, Phase 2.

Location: The Rural Health Training Centre is situated in Sector 56, Palsora.

Inpatient Services including Maternal & Child Health in which delivery services are available round the clock at RHTC.

• National programmes - All the national programmes are being implemented in catchment area through centre with the involvement of students and health care staff.
• Demographic population profile is being prepared on user friendly computer software for early identification/need for management of any health related event and services.

The dental services have been initiated at RHTC, Palsora

• Facility for investigation of Complete Blood Picture, Peripheral Blood Smear for Malaria Parasites, Blood grouping, Sputum for AFB (TB), Lipidogram, Renal Function Test, Blood Sugar, Liver Function Test, Urine examination, VDRL, HIV ELISA, ECG are available.
• UHTC-44 & RHTC, Palsora are recognized as Microscopy Centre under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme.
• Epidemiological Investigations of Outbreaks of communicable diseases.
• Imparting Health education/training to community & health functionaries.
 ♦ Teaching and training to the Undergraduate (MBBS) students, interns and Postgraduate (MD Community Medicine, DNB Health Administration and MPH students).
  ♦ Providing complete health care through Urban Health Training Centre, Sector 44 and Rural Health Training Centre, Palsora.
  ♦ Carrying out research
      » Departmental Research Projects;
      » Sponsored projects funded by national agencies i.e. ICMR, DST etc.
      » MD thesis, DNB Health Administration thesis, MPH dissertation etc.

Various National Programmes viz Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme, Reproductive and Child Health, Pulse Polio Immunization, National AIDS Control Programme etc. are also being implemented through these centres.

Department of Community Medicine continues to be the nodal agency for:
  ♦ Pulse Polio Immunization,
  ♦ Swine Flu reporting of GMCH,
  ♦ IDSP reporting of GMCH,
  ♦ Facility Based Maternal Death Review, and
  ♦ Hospital Based Cancer Registry at GMCH Chandigarh.

Besides UG and PG teaching of Medical students of GMCH, the department is also actively involved in the MPH course for the Centre for Public Health, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

The department is carrying out water surveillance from 04 areas of Chandigarh city viz. Dhanas, Palsora, Colony No. 5 and Kajheri since 2002.