Citizens Charter(GMCH)

PREMABLE: This document is an expression of commitment and resolve of this institute to provide information about the services that are available, the quality and standards of service that you may expect, the facilities, procedures available and also the costs wherever applicable. A guide map of the Institution is also affixed at the entrance of the complex and at the entrance of various blocks. Government Medical College, Sector 32, Chandigarh is affiliated to the Panjab University Chandigarh and is recognized by Medical Council of India. The college is having an intake of 100 students per year for MBBS course from 2013 onwards. The admission for MBBS course are finalized in the last week of June. The academic session begins from first working day of July every year. The distribution of seats for various categories for admission to MBBS course and Postgraduate (MD/MS) courses is as under:-

Sr.No.   No. of Seats
1. UT Chandigarh Pool( 85% seats)  
2. General   63
3. Scheduled Caste   12
4. Physically Disabled   02
5. NRI Quota 06
6. Central Pool 02
7. All India Quota(15% Seats) 15
Total 100
The Admissions are made on merit basis which is determined through an entrance test. The Post Graduate Courses in the following specialties are being run in the Institute:

Sr No. Name of the Deptt Clinical Specialties No. of Seats
1. Anaesthesiology 20
2. Anatomy 03
3. Biochemistry 03
4. Community Medicine 01
5. Dermatology 03
6. Forensic Medicine 03
7. General Medicine 12
8. General Surgery 12
9. Microbiology 04
10. Obstt. & Gynae 06
11. Ophthalmology 05
12. Orthopaedics 08
13. Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 03
14. Paediatrics 06
15. Pathology 06
16. Pulmonary Medicine 05
17. Psychiatry 06
18. Radiodiagnosis 10
19. Transfusion Medicine 03
Total 119
Additionally, the following Degrees & Fellowships are available in GMCH:

- M. Phil (Psychiatry) - 08
- M. Phil (Social Work) - 08
- IAP Fellowship in Peads - 02

The Admission for the post graduate courses are made on merit basis through an entrance test conducted by the Panjab University, Chandigarh, and all India PG Entrance Test.

Non Clinical Specialties:

1. B.Optom (4 years) 04
2. B.Sc. (X-ray) 12
3. B.Sc. (Anaesthesia and OT) 16
4. B.Sc. (MLT) 12
5. B.Sc. (Nursing) 35

General Information about Attached Hospital:

The patients seeking services in the hospital are registered and issued a card for recording various details of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment provided. The hospital is having facilities for several investigation/procedures, as detailed below. The charges payable for all these investigation are based on the income of the patient. Every indoor patient is entitled to avail the facility of pass for the convenience of their attendants. A 732 bedded hospital is attached with the institute. The information about timings and various charges payable is as under:

Timing for Emergency and OPD :-
Casualty, Emergency and ambulance services Round the clock
Ambulance Services   Round the clock ambulances are available on payment basis for the  convenience of patients within UT, Chandigarh.
Registration of OPD Patients 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM  (Monday to Saturday)
07:00 AM to 10:00 AM (During Summer Vacations i.e. from 15th May to 14th July)
OPD Timings 09: 00 AM to 02:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)
08:00 PM to 01:00 PM (During Summer Vacations i.e. from 15th May to 14th July
Special Clinics 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Timings for visitors for meeting indoor patients Summer 06:00 AM to 07:00 AM
05:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Winter 06:00 AM to 07:00 AM
04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Hospital Charges
OPD Card charges in a calendar year Rs. 20/-
Revisit within one year of making OPD card Free
Charges of issue of duplicate card in case of loss Rs.30/-
OPD Card charges for UT Employee/UT Pensioners, Ex Servicemen pensioners & Freedom Fighters
Admission Charges: General Ward
Security (Adjustable/Refundable) Rs. 200/- (Rs. 500/- 3rd day and there after per week)
Admission Fee Rs.25/-
Bed Charges Rs. 15/- Per day
Diet Charges Rs. 85/- per day
Admission Charges: Private Ward
  Private/Businessman and Employees of Other State & Centre Govt. Employee/Pensioners of UT Govt. & Ex-Servicemen
Security (Adjustable/Refundable) Rs. 5000/- at the time of admission and Rs. 5000/- (3rd day and there after per week). Rs. 1000/- at the time of admission & Rs. 1000/-(3rd day and there after per week)
Entitlement for Private Ward
Category 'A' (Private Ward) Rs.25000/-                                     (Gross for Private/Businessmen)
Admission Fee Rs. 100/-  
Bed/ Room Charges Rs. 1400/- Per day
AC Charges Rs. 100/- per day
Diet Charges Rs. 200/- per day
Category 'B' (Private Ordinary Ward) Rs.15000/-                                    (Gross for Private/Businessmen) Rs.7000/-(Minimum basic for Govt. Employees)
Admission fee Rs. 100/- Nil
Bed/ Room Charges Rs. 600/- Per day Nil
AC Charges Rs. 100/- per day Rs. 100/- Per day
Diet Charges Rs. 200/- per day Rs. 200/- Per day

Police post is available within the Hospital premises.

Causality and Emergency Services:
  • Emergency Medical Officer and Senior Residents are available for 24 hrs.
  • Specialists Doctors are available round the clock in major Specialties viz. General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Paediatrics.
  • Duty doctor is available on call basis for other departments/specialties.
Blood Bank: The services of licensed blood bank is available round the clock in the Hospital
  • All recommended mandatory tests are carried out for screening of the blood.
  • Blood is made available for private Hospitals subject to the availability against fixed payment.
Equipment & Special Facilities available:

Sr. No. Facilities Rs.0-3500/- Rs. 3501-7000/- Rs. 7001- Above
1. CCU (Bed Charges) 125 250 500
2. ICU (Bed Charges) 250 500 1000
3. Hemodialysis 100 200 400
4. Endoscopy 100 150 350
5. Colonoscopy 100 200 300
6. TMT 150 250 500
7. ECG 25 50 75
EEG 100 150 200
ERCP 100 200 400
EMG 100 150 250
NCV 100 150 250
8. Blood Gas Electrolyte 50 75 100
9. Intubating Bronchoscope 100 200 300
10. Laproscopic Surgical Procedure (Gall Bladder (IIIrd Category), Appendix, Hernia 400 1500 3000
11. Trans Urethral Resection of Prostrate & Bladder Tumor (TURP & TURBT) 400 1500 3000
12. Uretro Renoscopy (Uretric Stones) 400 1500 3000
13. ND Yag Laser (Full Course) 100 200 400
14. Bone Marrow Aspiration & Bone marrow Trephine 50-100 75-150 100-200
15. Audiometry 20 50 100
16. Physiotherapy Free
17. Ultrasound 50 100 200
18. CT Scans (Plain)  
- Head   300 1000
- PNS   300 1000
- Abdomen   1125 2250
- Pelvis   1125 2250
- Cervical / Dorsal Spine   1125 2250
- Lumber / Sacral Spine   1125 2250
- Thorax/Chest   1125 2250
- Orbit/ Ear   300 1000
- Neck   1125 2250
- Extremities   1125 2250
- Cerebral Angiography   300 1000
- Peripheral/Cardiac/Pulmonary   1125 2250
Note : Consumables like Injector Syringe, 3-way Connector and Contrast are brought by the patient.

On the recommendation of treating doctors i.e. Senior Residents/Consultants and approval of concerned HOD/Medical Superintendent, the poor patients can avail the said facilities free of cost. These facilities are available free of cost to the UT Employees/Pensioners, Freedom Fighters & Ex Servicemen.

The Procedure for Doctors attending Conference/Training/Workshop in India & Abroad : The procedure for attending the conference of Doctor is as under:-
A regular faculty is allowed to attend Conference / Seminar / Workshop at International Level once in a span of 4 years and once in a financial year at National Level  on government expenses as per schedule given below:-

(I) For International Conference:-

1. Approval of D.P. through A.D.A. within one week.
2. Then approval of HE’ through SMER including vigilance clearance within 1½ month.

(II) For National Level Conference:-

1. Approval of D.P. through A.D.A. within one week.
2. Approval of SMER within 10-15 days.


Canteens : Canteens are available for providing services to the faculty, students staff and out-patient/attendants/visitors at following places:

Block-B (OPD-Block), Level I (Provides services 8.00 am to 6.00pm)
Block-C (Kitchen) (Provides services to the indoor patients)

Shopping Complex: The shopping complex is having the following facilities:

(a) Chemist shops : 3, One of which is Jan Aushadi Chemist Shop. The other two remain open round the clock.
(b) STD/PCO, Lamination & Photostat 
(c) Fresh Fruit & Juice Bar
(d) Milk & Dairy Products
(e) General Merchant
(f) Barber
(g) Stationery, Gift & Florist items
(h) A branch of State Bank of India is operating from the Hospital building and an ATM of State Bank of India is installed in the shopping complex.

The following specialties are providing quality services to the students and patients in this institute:

Departments Name of Consultants OPD Schedule Special Procedure Any other relevant information.
Prof.Satinder Gombar, HOD
Dr.Sukanya Mitra, Professor
Dr.Lakesh K Anand, Professor
Dr.Sanjeev Palta, Professor
Dr.Deepak Thapa, Professor
Dr.Dheeraj Kapoor, Associate Professor
Dr.Manpreet Singh, Associate Professor
Dr.Vanita Ahuja, Associate Professor
Dr.Richa Saroa, Associate Professor
Dr.Jasveer Singh, Associate Professor
Dr.Swati, Assistant Professor
Dr.Puja Saxena, Assistant Professor
Dr.Uma Rathi, Assistant Professor
- Central Venous Cannulation (Ultrasound Guided)
• Ultrasound Guide Nerve Blocks
• Echocardiography in ICU
• Percutaneous Dilatation. Tracheostomy
• Labour Analgesia.
Dr. Mahesh K Sharma, Professor & Head
Dr.Kanchan Kapoor, Professor
Dr.Avinash Abhaya, Associate Professor
Dr.Anshu Sharma, Associate Professor
Dr.Jyotsna Singh, Assistant Professor
Dr.Jyoti Rohila, Assistant Professor
- Fetal Autopsy is done in CMF Babies referred by Gynaecology Department. -
Community Medicine Dr.Naveen Krishan Goel, Professor
Dr.Munish Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor(Incharge RHTC)
Dr.Dinesh Kumar, Stat.cum-Associate Professor
Dr.Ravi Rohilla, Assistant Professor
Dr.Meenal K Thakare, Assistant Professor
Dr.Meenu Kalia, Assistant Professor (Incharge UHTC)
Dr.Deepak Sharma, Assistant Professor
Dr.Sonia Puri, Assistant Professor
Click here for OPD Schedule  for RHTC & UHTC RHTC:- Minor and Major Dressing, Incision and Drainage, Stitches and Nebulization, Injections, I.V. Drips and Normal Delivery, ECG, I.V. Drips, Cu-T Insertion.
UHTC:- Minor and Major Dressing, I/D Suturing, Nebulization, ECG, PAP, Smear, I.V. Drips, Cu-T Insertion.
GERIATRIC OPD is being run in collaboration with General Medicine Department.
Dentistry Dr.Gurvanit Kaur Lehl, Professor & Head
Dr.Manjit Talwar, Associate Professor
Dr.Sapna Singla, Assistant Professor
Dr.Anand Gupta, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule • Pedodontia (Dentistry for Children Geriatric (Dentistry for Aged) Prosthodontics (Crown Cutting & Maxillofacial Prosthesis) • Periodontia (Gum Disease)
• Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Orthodontia (Treatment of Malocclusion)
These procedures are done from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.
Dermatology Dr.Gurvinder Pal Thami, Professor & Head
Dr.Mala Bhalla, Professor
Dr.Jasleen Kaur, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule Grafting for Vitiligo, Facial Rejuvenation Procedures, Ear Lobe Repair, Nail Surgery and Laser Appointment Clinic: (10 patients per day from 10 to 11 am daily) with prior appointment at Phone No. 0172-2601023 (Extn. 2407)
ENT Dr.Arjun Dass, Professor & Head
Dr.Nitin M Nagarkar(On Deputation), Professor
Dr.Surinder Kumar Singhal(On Deputation), Associate Professor
Dr.Nitin Gupta, Assistant Professor
Dr.Shashikant Anil Pol, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule The Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery provides Diagnosis and Treatment for problems of the Ear, Nose & Throat and other problems of the Head and Neck area. Facilities include Microsurgery of the Ear, Treatment of Hearing Loss, Rehabilitation of the Hearing-impaired, Nose and Paranasal Sinus Diseases, Surgery for tumors of the Head and Neck, Facial-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Laryngology and Management of Vocal and Speech Disorders. The Department of ENT is performing Cochier Implant Surgery of patients having Congential / Post Lingual Sensori Neural Deafness.
Forensic Medicine & Toxiocology Dr.Dasari Harish, Professor & Head
Dr.Ajay Kumar, Associate Professor
Dr.Amandeep Singh, Associate Professor
Dr. Mandar Ramchandra Sane, Assistant Professor
- Embalming of Dead Bodies Provide Medico Legal Services to the Community including Post-mortem Examination and Medio Legal Examination of the Wing.
General Medicine
Dr.Atul Sachdev, Professor & Head
Dr.Ram Singh, Professor
Dr.SS Lehl, Professor
Dr.Sanjay D’ Cruz, Professor
Dr.Monica Gupta, Professor
Dr.Kamal Singh, Associate Professor
Dr.Pritam Singh, Associate Professor
Dr.Neeraj Singla, Assistant Professor
Dr.Nidhi Bhardwaj, Assistant Professor
Dr.Nishit Sawal, Assistant Professor
Dr.Mandeep Singla, Assistant Professor
Dr.Daljinderjit Kaur, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule - -
Cardiology Dr. S.Reddy, Professor & Head
Dr.Jeet Ram Kashyap, Associate Professor
Dr. Raghvenra Rao K, Assistant Professor
Dr. Suraj Kumar, Assistant Professor

Click here for  OPD  Schedule    
General Surgery
Dr.AK Attri, Professor & Head
Dr.Rajeev Sharma, Professor
Dr.Robin Kaushik, Professor
Dr.Usha Rani Dalal, Professor
Dr.Ashwani Dalal, Associate Professor
Dr.Rajesh Kumar, Associate Professor
Dr.Sanjay Gupta, Associate Professor
Dr.Hanish Kataria, Assistant Professor
Dr.Simrandeep Singh, Assistant Professor
Dr.Kumar Abhishek, Assistant Professor
Dr.Sushma, Assistant Professor
Dr.Mandeep Singh, Assistant Professor
Dr.Mitesh Bedi, Assistant Professor
Dr.Sidharth Garg, Assistant Professor

Click here for  OPD  Schedule - -
Neuro Surgery
Dr.AK Attri, Professor & Head
Dr.Arvind Malhotra, Associate Professor
Dr.Vipin Gupta,Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule - -
Dr.Vidur Bhalla, Associate Professor & Head
Dr.Mahesh Chandra, Associate Professor

Click here for  OPD  Schedule - -
Obstetric & Gynaecology
Prof. Atul Sachdev, Professor & Head
Dr.Poonam Goel, Professor
Dr.Alka Sehgal, Professor
Dr.Navneet Takkar, Associate Professor
Dr.Reeti Mehra, Associate Professor
Dr.Rimpy Tandon, Associate Professor
Dr.Bharti Goel, Associate Professor
Dr.Dilpreet Kaur Pandher, Associate Professor
Dr.Manjeet Kaur, Assistant Professor
Dr.Sunita, Assistant Professor
Dr.Shikha Rani, Assistant Professor-cum-Maternity & Child Welfare Officer
Dr.Satodiya Mohit Hematbhai, AMO-cum-Lecturer
Click here for  OPD  Schedule • All Gynaecology and Obstetrics Surgeries including Endoscopy & Oncology.
• IVF –ET is not available.
All patients, for their own convenience are seen on all days
Dr.Sudhir Kumar Garg, Professor & Head
Dr.RK Gupta, Professor
Dr.PN Gupta, Professor
Dr.Rohit Jindal, Associate Professor
Dr.Sandeep Gupta, Associate Professor
Dr.Ashwani Soni, Assistant Professor
Dr.Rajeev Kumar Kansay, Assistant Professor
Dr.Gaurav Chander, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule - -
Dr.SK Arya, Professor & Head
Dr.Suresh Kumar, Professor
Dr.Subina Narang, Associate Professor
Dr.Parul Ichhpujani, Associate Professor
Dr.Rakesh Kumar Bansal, Associate Professor
Dr.Jitender, Assistant Professor

Click here for OPD  Schedule • Perimetry
• Biometry Angiophotography, Anteriod Segment Photography.
• Electro Physiological Test.
• Fundus Photography and Angiography
• Optical Coherent Tomography
• Posterior Segment Laser
• Anterior Segment Laser
• Ocular Sonography
• Eye Bank – The Deptt. carries out about 150 Corneal Grafting /year.
• Community – Ophthalmology work as under 03 Satellites Centres.
• RHTC at Palsoara
• UHTC at Sector 44
• RHTC at Furor, Teh.Khumano, District. Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab).
• 25 to 30 Eye Campus organize every year i.e. :-
• Public Eye Care Campus
• School Children Eye Care Campus
•Eye Donation Awareness Campus
• Disability Assessment Camp
• Deptt. participates in the Eye Donation Awareness Fortnight every year & organize various Awareness Programmes/ Camps from 25th August to 8th September, 2014
Dr.Vishal Guglani, Professor & Head
Dr.Roosy Aulakh, Associate Professor
Dr.Chandrika Azad, Associate Professor
Dr.Geetanjali Jindal, Associate Professor
Dr.Vidushi Mahajan, Assistant Professor
Dr.Pankaj Kumar, Assistant Professor
Dr.Vipul Kumar Gupta, Assistant Professor
Dr.Shivani Randev, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule • EEG. BERA, Neonatal Echocardiography. -
Dr.Suksham Jain, Professor & Head
Dr.Deepak Chawla, Associate Professor
Dr.Supreet Khurana, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule -
Pathology Dr.Uma Handa, Professor & Head
Dr.RPS Punia, Professor
Dr.Anita Tehlan, Associate Professor
Dr.Anshu Palta, Associate Professor
Dr.Ranjeev Bhagat, Assistant Professor
Dr.Reetu Kundu, Assistant Professor
Dr.Phiza Aggarwal, Assistant Professor
- • Special Haematology Clinic
• Bone Marrow Services
• Tissues Services (Histopathology, Post-Mortem work)
• Cytology work (FNA, Fluids, Pap-smears)
• Haematology & Clinical Pathology, OPD Laboratory, Indoor Laboratory, Emergency Services, Radiotherapy follow-up cases, Special Haematology & Bone Marrow
Psychiatry Dr.BS Chavan, Professor & Head
Dr.Priti Arun, Professor
Dr.Ajeet Kumar Sidana, Associate Professor
Dr.Subhash Das, Associate Professor
Dr.Manoj Kumar, Assistant Professor

Dr.Nitin Gupta, Professor (COE)
Dr.T.K. Singh, Associate Professor
Dr.Virtu Chongtham, Associate Professor
Dr.Kamlesh Kumar Sahu, Associate Professor
Dr.Gurvinderpal Singh, Associate Professor
Dr.Shikha Tyagi, Associate Professor
Dr.Shivangi Sharma, Assistant Professor
Dr.Nidhi Malhotra, Assistant Professor
Dr.Nitasha Sharma, Assistant Professor
Dr.Aarzoo, Assistant Professor
Dr.Nidhi Chauhan, Assistant Professor
Dr.Jasmin Garg, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule ECTT -
Pulmonary Medicine Dr.Varinder Saini, Professor
Dr.Deepak Aggarwal, Associate Professor
Dr.Kranti Garg, Assistant Professor
Click here for  OPD  Schedule • AFB Microscopy
• Pulmonary Function Test including Lung Volume Measurement & Diffusion Capacity • Flexible Bronchoscopy
• Ultrasound Guided Trans Thoracic Needle Aspiration
• Pulse Oximetery
• Polysomnography (Sleep Study)
• Mantoux Testing
• Thoracocentesis
• Tube Thoracostomy
• Aspiration of Cold Abscess
• Pleural Biopsy
• DR-TB Centre for Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB
• Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centre in OPD, Level IV, Block ‘B’ for the Management of Chronic Respiratory Diseases
Radiodiagnosis Dr.Suman Kochhar, Professor & Head
Dr.Ravinder Kaur, Professor
Dr.Purnima Aggarwal, Professor
Dr.Narinder Kaur, Associate Professor
Dr.Rekha Gupta, Assistant Professor
Dr.Harkirat Kaur, Assistant Professor
Dr.Raveena Bedi, Assistant Professor
Click here for investigations schedule    
Radiation Oncology
Dr.Awadhesh K.Pandey,Professor & Head
Dr.Kislay Dimri, Associate Professor

Click here for  OPD  Schedule - -
Transfusion Medicine Dr.Ravneet Kaur, Professor & Head
Dr.Gagandeep Kaur, Associate Professor
Dr.Paramjit Kaur, Assistant Professor
Dr.Tanvi Sood, Assistant Professor
Dr.Kshitija Mittal, Assistant Professor
- • The department has cell separator machine and facility like Patelpheresis & Plasma Exchange available.
• Facility for Antibody Screening & Identification available.
• Blood Bank facility is available found the clock

Referral Services:ces:

(a) The Hospital Provides referral services for the neighboring states like Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh. Patients are referred from the primary & secondary level health centres of the neighboring states are received in this hospital.

(b) The hospital tries to give best available treatment to the patient visiting this hospital. But in case of some specialized treatments and investigations which are not available in this hospital, the patients are referred to the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh.

Grievances/complaints/redressal: Name, location and telephone number of Director-Principal & Medical Superintendent have been displayed at the reception and elsewhere in the hospital for receiving the grievances and complaints. Every grievance/complaint is dealt quickly. Every patient/visitor has the right to be heard.


Sr. No. Office Location Level/Block Phone/ FAX No.
1. Director Hospital Building Level-II,
2601023, 2601024 Ext.4321
FAX : (0172)2609360
2. Additional Director(Admin.) Hospital Building Level-II,
2601023, 2601024 Ext.4231
FAX : (0172) 2669974 
3. Medical Superintendent Hospital Building Level-II,
2601023, 2601024 Ext.4202
FAX : (0172) 2608488
4. Deputy Medical Superintendent Hospital Building Level-II,
2601023, 2601024, Ext.4212
The telephone numbers attached with EPABX exchange are  2601023-24(30 Lines each)