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Research Publications

Sr No. Research Publication - National/International from last one year(09.09.2019 onwards):
1. Kundu R, Handa U, Punia RS, Singla N, Chander J, Attri AK. Phaeohyphomycosis: Cytomorphologic Evaluation in Eleven Cases. Acta Cytol. 2020 Mar 23:1-7.
2. Rakheja G, Handa U, Bhagat R, Kaur R. Massive mystery mass: cytological diagnosis of a neck swelling. Cytopathology. 2020 Feb 28.
3. Rakheja G, Handa U, Kaur R, Aggarwal P, Palta A. Cytological diagnosis of bilateral primary adrenal lymphoma with cutaneous involvement. Diagn Cytopath. 2020 May;48(5):479-82.
4. Rakheja G, Handa U, Tahlan A, Lehl SS. Cytological diagnosis of amyloidosis presenting as a supraclavicular swelling. Diagn Cytopath. 2020 Mar;48(3):234-8.
5. Tahlan A. To Assess the Feasibility of Hematology Postgraduate Teaching by Mobile App-WhatsApp. Annf Med Medical Res 2020;3:1023.
6. Azad C, Jat KR, Kaur J, Guglani V, Palta A, Tiwari A, Bansal D. Vitamin B12 status and neurodevelopmental delay in Indian infants: a hospital-based cross-sectional study. Paediatr Interstitium Child Health. 2020 Apr 2;40(2):78-84.
7. Palta A, Kaur M, Tahlan A, Dimri K. Evaluation of Angiogenesis in Multiple Myeloma by VEGF Immunoexpression and Microvessel Density. J Lab Physicians. 2020 Mar;12(1):38.
8. Praveen AS, Bedi RK, Gombar S, Palta A. Thromboelastography: a promising alternative to monitor fresh frozen plasma transfusion. A pilot Study in ICU patients. ISBT Science Series. 2020 May;15(2):292-9.
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10. Arya S, Singh T, Bhagat R, Bansal V. A rare case of benign fibrous histiocytoma of the cornea. IJO. 2019 Dec; 67(12):2064.
11. Vias P, Pandey AK, Dimri K, Bhagat R. Metaplastic Carcinoma with Foci of Chondrosarcoma in Breast: A Rare Case. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Care. 2019 Aug 11;4(4):131-3.
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16. Kashyap JR, Tahlan A, Kumar S, Reddy S, Kundu R. Rapidly Progressive Atrial Mass and Cardiac Tamponade: A Rare Presentation of Multiple Myeloma. JACC: Case Reports. 2020 Feb 1;2(2):279-81.
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