Patient Awareness


We at GMCH need your support for making your treatment comfortable and hassle free



Sr No. Patient Awareness
1. Care of newborn at home/navjat shishu ki ghar pe dekhbhal. (Size: 1.43 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English)
2. Post Discharge Covid Patients Information Book.(Size: 5.40 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English)


Sr No. Do's
1. Make sure you visit your patient during visiting hours only, stay for short time.
2. During your visit, cheer up the patient and extend your support.
3. Kids below 12 years should not be encouraged to visit hospital.
4. Keep your voice down and phone on silent mode while in the hospital.
5. Wait for your turn, maintain queue.
6. On the day of your visit, carry your earlier reports, write down brief history.
7. Remember to carry your Aadhar card.
8. Help us in saving water and electricity.


Sr No. Don'ts
1. Don't park your vehicle at non designated areas, it will be towed away.
2. Don't break hospital rules or violate safety/ security norms.
3. Don’t give any medication to the patient without the permission of hospital staff.
4. Don't talk or laugh loudly as it may disturb other patients and hospital staff.
5. Don't touch any type of equipment or sit on the patient's bed.
6. Don't indulge in unnecessary arguments with the doctors /nurse or other staff.
7. Don’t video graph or take photograph.
8. Don’t litter and spit in the hospital, use dustbins.
9. Smoking, tobacco chewing and drinking is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.
10. Avoid visiting your patient when you are running fever or have other infection.

In case you want to make any complaint or give any suggestion, you can use any of the following option:

Sr No. Instructions
1. Write down your complaint/ suggestion and put in the complaint box installed at multiple places in hospital.
2. Send email on or
3. If the issue is very urgent, you can visit the office of Medical Superintendent or Director Principal.