Department of MRD
Name Qualification Designation
arrow Dr. Varinder Saini
MD Professor & Head
arrow Ms. Asha Rani
- Superintendent
The department is in developing stage, but it is partially developed with computerised patients demographic data collection.

The computerised ambulatory care (OPD) services of new and revisit registration commenced functioning w.e.f.1995 June,27 presently working at Block B - Level I alongwith token and improved display system.

Round the clock computerised emergency New and Revisit registration both routine and emergency admissions and discharge are permanently housed in Block A, Level II. These counters provide 24 hrs cash collections service investigation/tests, security, billing etc . Major part of the hospital revenue is collected through various heads by MRD. At present approximately over 6 lakhs single multi disciplines integrated ambulatory and emergency care clinical notes are placed in the different colour cover changed every calendar year alongwith various kinds of investigation reports pasted on left hand side are available from 1996 to date and filed under compactor system. The management of these conventional health records chart matches with the international standards.

There are approximately 100000 in-patient health records from 1996 to date separately stored, includes health and Medico-Legal cases.

The major function of good quality MRD in the globe is to be the CUSTODIAN of patients health record charts and to provide prompt and efficient service to users. GMCH medical records has already achieved this function close to 100% at present patient health records are on conventional paper system , but planning in the near future to convert all paper health record chart data to be scanned and placed in imaging based document management system. The benefits would be to handle very large volume of medical data, improve efficiency, easy storage of documents in minimal space, quick retrieval of records in seconds at the press of bottom.

  » In brief the major and important ones are :
  » Computerised new and revisit registration of ambulatory care (OPD) patient (between 8.00 AM –11.00 AM) & collection of annual fee/ duplicate card fee under token and display system.
  » Computerised new and revisit registration of emergency care patient(round the clock service) & collection of annual fee/duplicate card fee.
  » Issue of health care clinical notes to various ambulatory care (OPD) clinics.
  » Pasting of various types of reports in the respective ambulatory care-health record charts (OPD file).
  » Providing case summary of Medico-Legal cases to police authorities & patients on written request.
  » Providing medical information to insurance agency on prescribed form of insurance company on written request by deceased nominee/insurance authorities.
  » Collection of various investigations/tests charges etc. and issue of receipt at both the counters, emergency (round the clock) and at fee section of OPD from 8.00AM to 12.30 PM.
  » Round the clock admission registration, documentation, security collection at the emergency and issue gate passes.
  » Round the clock discharge of patients at the emergency counter, security adjustment/ refund services.
  » Providing information and guidance to patients, attendants and visitors.
  » Compiling statistics of various data & services. 
  » Issue of health record charts to faculty members, administrative authorities for various purposes.
  » Last but not the least, the Medical records department and management is the CUSTODIAN of ambulatory, emergency and in–patient care health record charts, including Medico-Legal and death cases etc.