About Course

About Course

The Trauma and Emergency Life Support (TELS) programme started in January 2012, focuses on the Out - of - Hospital assessment, First Aid and Control of Bleeding. Initial management of victims of trauma and finally safe transportation of the patients.

At any moment of time, if the patient becomes unresponsive and undergoes cardiac arrest ,then the delegates are trained in basic life support for the revival of such patients. Goals of this course include:

  • Understanding priorities in assessment and management.
  • Understanding the concepts of first aid and methods of control bleeding.
  • Resuscitation according to current evidence based practice.
  • Understanding the ambulance services and safe transportation of patients.
  • Performing Basic Life Support and basic airway management.

A Systematic Approach to Trauma Assessment and Management is used that Focuses on :

  • Understanding priorities in assessment and management.
  • A-Airway patency with cervical spine protection.
  • B-Breathing adequacy with ventilatory support if required.
  • C-Circulation with control of hemorrhage & restoration of blood volume.
  • D-Disability (neurological) assessment and initial management of severe brain injury.
  • E-Exposure for full assessment while being aware of the environment.

The Trauma and Emergency Life Support(TELS) provides :

  • Pre-course materials (this represents core knowledge and the assumption will be that this has been read)
  • An One-day course features :
  • A multi-disciplinary approach
  • Practical case oriented interactive presentations.
  • Group discussions.
  • Interactive skills stations and Hands On training.
  • An in-course MCQ and Skill evaluation.

To Successfully Complete this Course:

  • You will need to read the pre-course material.
  • You must attend ALL the sessions.
  • Pass the MCQ exam and Skill evalution.

If you satisfactorily complete the course you will receive a certificate of “completion”. If you do not complete the course you will be provided remedial sessions in subsequent course and then if you clear the examinations with adequate protocol based knowledge then you will be provided the certificate of attendance signed by competent authority.