Apprenticeship Training


In pursuance of concurrence of the local Finance Department, Chandigarh Administration vide U.O. No.2570-UT-FII(10)-2002/7822 dated 11.09.2002, sanction is hereby accorded to engage the apprentices on stipend basis in different fields in Government Medical College Hospital, Sector 32-A, Chandigarh as follows :-

Sr No. Name of the Training(Trade) No. of Seats
1. Apprenticeship training of Vocational Course in MLT 12
2. Apprenticeship training in Ophthalmology 05
3. Apprenticeship training in X-Rays 03
4. Apprenticeship training as Library Restorer 02

This is however, subject to conditions that :-

  • The apprentices shall be relieved on completion of their period of training.
  • No commitment as regards/employment shall be given.